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Operating in Parks All Over the United States

The Load and Pack helps manage parks all over the United States including parks in California, Colorado, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, and South Carolina.

Big Sur, CA
St Paul, MN Riverfront Park

Great for Urban, Suburban, and Parks of All Types

Whether your park is downtown or in the suburbs, the Load and Pack’s centrally located articulation joint makes maneuvering around parks of all types quick and easy.

Keep Your Parks Cleaner Easier and Faster

The grip arms on the Load and Pack can handle bins of all sizes so keeping your park clean has never been easier.

Crystal Cove Park, NE
Customize Your Order to Fit Your Needs

Operate Multiple Load and Packs on a Budget

A new payment plan financing option and a Load and Pack as a Service subscription option make it easier to operate as many Load and Pack vehicles as your city or county needs for as many parks as you have.