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3 Refuse Box Types

There are three possible choices for refuse container types on the Load and Pack.  Each one is designed for a different type of use.  All are designed to be interchangeable, so you can order boxes of different types and they all fit the same vehicle.

9.5 Cubic Yard Self Dumping Compactor Box

Broyhill Self-Dumping Compacting Refuse Container
Emptying a Self-Dumping Refuse Container

9.5 Cubic Yard Front Dumping Compactor Box

Broyhill Front-Dumping Compacting Refuse Container
Emptying a Front-Dumping Refuse Container

7 Cubic Yard Rear Dumping Compactor Box

Broyhill Rear-Dumping Compacting Refuse Container
Emptying a Rear-Dumping Refuse Container

Four Steps to Operating the Load and Pack

Step 1: Grip

Grip the refuse bin with the grip arm which is 100% controlled from the driver’s seat in the cab. The grip arm can grip bins of many sizes.

Grip the can, barrel, or recepticle

Step 2: Lift

Lift the refuse bin to empty it into the back refuse box and then put the bin down right where you picked it up from. The grip arm can lift bins up to 500 lbs.

Lift the recepticle to empty it into the refuse container

Step 3: Compact

Periodically compress the refuse box on the back of the Load and Pack which can compress with a 4-to-1 compression ratio to make sure you can pick up as many bins as needed.

Periodically compact the refuse container with a 4-to-1 compating ratio

Step 4: Reload

Using the camera mounted on the vehicle pointed to the inside of the refuse container, always know how full your refuse container is.  When it’s full, offload the full box and onload a new box which can all be done with just the driver of the Load and Pack so you can continue on your way.

Offload the full container and attach an empty on with a single operator

Load and Pack Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Dimensions

Cab Equipment

Loading Arm Capacity




Three Financing Options

We offer three different payment options for our current and future customers.

1. Purchase

With the purchase option you pay for the full cost of a Load and Pack up front and you own the vehicle outright.  This option will save you the most money over time but requires a larger investment from the start.

2. Purchase with Three Separate Payments

With the payment plan, the full cost of the vehicle is split into three separate payments.  You will pay more for the vehicle over the course of the three payments than you would if you just purchased the vehicle up front, but this option requires less investment up front.  Once the payments are completed you will own the vehicle outright and no more payments are due.

3. Load and Pack as a Service

The Load and Pack as a Service financing option allows you to use the Load and Pack vehicle as long as you keep up with the annual subscription fees.  You never actually own the vehicle, but this is the cheapest up front cost.  Two year minimum subscription contract.

Split the Investment

Don’t forget, you also have the option to work with your neighboring cities, townships, counties, and beaches to purchase one or more Load and Pack vehicles cooperatively.